CC Cyclone

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Chassis Numbers 22 - 24

CHASSIS 22 – Sold as a kit to Sean Bourn, very near to the factory. Still owned by him and used in speed events. Hopefully get some pictures of this car in due course.

CHASSIS 23 – Mike Lazenby had only recently completed the lovely Dax Rush Cosworth Turbo you can see here, when he heard of a part-built Cyclone for sale. He'd always wanted one, so bought the car, sold the Rush, and set to work. He finished the car in 2008, complete with a 2-litre twin-cam which is running Honda Blackbird throttle bodies and a Megasquirt ECU. Other mods include the larger (17") wheels, Wilwood brakes all round and different wing mirrors. Paint is gloss black with a bit of rainbow flake added for sparkle.

CHASSIS 24 – Owned by original builder, Trevor Lobban, this car is powered by a twin-cam Vauxhall engine which has recently been converted to a Megasqirt ECU and Honda Fireblade throttle bodies. More details to follow