CC Cyclone

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Chassis Numbers 4 - 6

CHASSIS 4 – This car is owned by Rob Chisnall, who bought the car from Originally built by Chris Dobbs, this car has been owned by several enthusiasts since and is currently with Wayne Godridge. It's a very early Cyclone, thus featuring the squared front wheelarches and slightly different wing mirrors to later cars. It was originally built as a hillclimb car, with a Vauxhall 2-litre twin-cam running twin Del-Orto carbs. It's recently had a new intererior and is in great condition.

CHASSIS 5 – This Calibra Turbo powered car was originally factory built, and to an extremely high specification.

CHASSIS 6 – This was my first Cyclone, which was built for me by the factory in around 1996. It's powered by a 2-litre Calibra Turbo engine. The car is now on its fourth owner. If they'd like to make contact, I'll update this section accordingly.