CC Cyclone

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Chassis Numbers 1 - 3

CHASSIS 1 – Now owned by Chris Price. It's a particularly interesting car, being the original prototype car I drove at the factory. As such, it has all the original features, dropped from car number three onwards (different grille, bonnet, aluminium side panels and, originaly, Vauxhall wing mirrors. That does mean it lacks one or two of the nice styling touches seen on production models, but it was always a great car. You'll find pictures of it in its original metallic burgandy colour in my main gallery, but it's obviously been resprayed silver at some stage in its life. It runs a 2-litre Turbo engine. Chris hopes to do a few hillclimbs in the car.

CHASSIS 2 – A development chassis at the factory. Never released.

CHASSIS 3 – Chassis 3 has all the bodywork features of Chassis 1 and was built at the factory for competition use before being sold. Painted yellow, it's seen here with Chassis 1 in its original burgandy colour scheme. Sold by the factory to a Simon Harvey in Milton Keynes, but car has gone to ground since.