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Cyclone 2 - The one that got away - part 2

Car Craft's Terry Whiteman explains the plans for the stillborn Cyclone 2.


"We hadn’t decided on a new name for the new car, so it initially became the Mk2 Cyclone. The only similarities it would share with the original would be the track, wheelbase and suspension geometry (virtually none of the components). Although we were using a modified Cyclone chassis for the prototypes we were planning a completely new chassis which would be simpler to manufacture (cheaper!), be designed specifically to accommodate Ford components and, most importantly, to fit perfectly beneath the new body shape. The original Cyclone was done the other way around – the chassis was produced first and then the body sort of evolved around it, resulting in what many people considered to be a quirky appearance.


"The Mk 2 was intended to have considerable performance/competition potential whilst also having the capability of being used as a practical, everyday sports car. The new car had vastly increased luggage space – the removable roof panel would clip to the underside of the bonnet, thus taking up very little space. Both of the front and rear boot areas were considerably bigger than in the Mk1, and in addition there were usefully large luggage boxes in the space between the rear of the front wheelarches and the front edges of the doors. In the cockpit there was a dashboard glovebox and pockets in each of the doors.


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