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Here is a random list of some of the items you may need to replace on a Cyclone for which I can find specific part numbers or descriptions within the original Cyclone build manual (or from other Cyclone owners).


Suspension: The suspension was supplied from the factory with balljoints etc. I'm gradually finding these parts as I need to replace them. Rear lower wishbone ball joint is standard Mk2 Cavalier, part no. TC230. Front top wishbone ball joint was Mk1 Cavalier, part no. TC169 and the lower balljoint is TC170 (these last two actually appear to be Opel Manta parts and are quite tricky to find... eBay). Wishbone suspension bushes are from Superflex, Part no. BAC12, which has now been superceded by part no. SPF0478-80.


Avo coil-over dampers: Tricky for me to be specific on this one, and perhaps another owner can confirm or add. But front springs are 250lb, 2 1/4" diameter and 7" long. The dampers were supplied with either spherical joints (rose joints) or rubber bushes. I've had cars with both and noticed very little difference, although the rubber bushed versions can be a little quieter. The spec on the front dampers is 120/85 and may have a PF at the front of it.


Fuel tank sender unit:  Fiat 126 1976 onwards. Fiat part no. 4374276.


Windscreen: Fiat 126 (a top tint can be ordered)


Battery: Typically Mini/Metro type 53526 or 038


Number plate lights: Ford part no 6067427


Seat belts: Inertia reel belts are Securon 254


Wiper blades: 15"


Wiper arms: Trico TWA2


Washer jet: Fiat Panda F/7694567

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