CC Cyclone

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Chassis: Triangulated spaceframe chassis with integral roll-over bar and sheet alloy floor and bulkhead. Available bare but more usually supplied painted (sprayed).


Bodywork: All fibreglass bodywork supplied in a clear gel finish, for later painting.


Front suspension: Fabricated double wishbones using Avo coil-over dampers with Mk1 Cavalier stub axles. Anti-roll bar.


Rear suspension: Fabricated trailing arm incorporating modified Cavalier (1983 onwards) hub carrier with upper and lower arms, Avo coil-over dampers.


Wheels/Tyres: Alloys should be 7x15" with a 100mm pcd and 15mm offset. Front tyres should be 195x50 R15 and rears 205x50 R15. Turbo cars can be upgraded to 8" rims and 215x150 R15 tyres.


Brakes: Usually Mk1 Cavalier solid front discs and calipers, with Mk2 Cavalier front discs and calipers used at the back and modified by Car Craft to introduce a handbrake operation.


Steering: Mk1 Cavalier rack, Mk2/3 Cavalier upper rack and column stalk controls. A quick rack was always recommended (and improves the steering response), but would often require an aftermarket flexible adaptor in order to match up with the column. This was needed when the output shaft was splined and could be bought from Peter Maiden Components, (but I'm not sure the company is still around). If the shaft simply had two flats, then it is possible to make up an adaptor.


Pedals: The Cyclone features a fixed driving seat, but with fabricated pedals located on an adjustable mount which can be wound in or out when accessed from under the bonnet. The pedal box incorporates adjustable brake biasing.


Fuel tank: 7 gallon capacity


Weight: Approx  675kg


Weight distribution: 45% front/55% rear


To be continued when I next get a chance!