CC Cyclone

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Here you'll find the recommended specification (as originally outlined by Car Craft) for setting up the Cyclone's suspension.


Wheels/Tyres: Alloys should be 7x15" with a 100mm pcd and 15mm offset. Front tyres should be 195x50 R15 and rears 205x50 R15. Turbo cars can be upgraded to 8" rims and 215x50 R15 tyres.


Ride Height

Rear ride height: Measured from the lower edge of the rear chassis cross member down to the ground. 140-150mm


Front ride height: Measured from the lower edge of the chassis rail at a point approximately in line with the front bulkhead. 120-130mm



Rear camber: Between 0.5 and 0.75 of a degree of negative camber. Adjusted via the top suspension link.


Front camber: Between 0.75 and 1 degree of negative camber. Adjusted via removing or adding shims behind the top wishbone mountings. A 2mm shim will alter the camber by approx 0.25 degrees. Use the same number of shims on both front and rear arms of the wishbone to avoid altering the pre-set caster angle.



Rear toe: 4mm toe in. Adjusted by moving the trailing arm inwards or outwards where it bolts to the bulkhead via four bolts.


Front toe: 2mm toe in. Adjusted via the track rods.



Non adjustable


Damper settings

Having wound the damper adjusters fully out (anti-clockwise), suggested settings are 6 clicks in on the back and 8 clicks in on the front.


Anti-roll bars

Rear anti-roll bar: set this to its softest setting (with the anti-roll bar drop links bolted into the holes at the end of the bar).


Tyre pressures

Front: 18psi      Rear: 24psi


Suspension Set-up